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Spmc vs kodi. Hola a todos, Que es mejor actualmente para la shield? SPMC o KODI?

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SPMC updated to 16.5.4 2 days ago: https://github.com/koying/SPMC/releases/tag/16.5.4-spmc Google Play SPMC downloads are 16.5.4 too but i don't know if the downloaded version is aarch64 (64 bits) in our Shields or the usual 32 bits version.


I've also got used to, and vastly prefer, the Estuary skin of Kodi vs the Confluence skin of SPMC which I find much less user friendly. Kodi 17 I have found After trying to upgrade from Kodi 16.1 to 17.1 and having no luck, I found information about SPMC and went to the Google Play store to install it. Unfortunately I was immediately greeted with “your device is incompatible with this version”. 21/03/2016 SPMC is still very much Kodi right now (he forks the latest Kodi release and adds his stuff in). It just has the Android goodies the Kodi devs argued were a little too hackish for their code base. Not sure one way or another on that myself (I haven't reviewed the code), but it definitely works better on Android than the Kodi base right now. Discussion: Kodi, SPMC, MrMc, other?

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Free. Android. Kodi® media center is an award-winning free and open source cross-platform software media player and entertainment hub for digital media for HTPCs (Home theater PCs). Video by GioThaDon 17th Jan 2017.

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I use the former for the voice search capability. User #219010 2501 posts Hola a todos, Que es mejor actualmente para la shield? SPMC o KODI? Que ventajas e inconvenientes le veis a cada una? Muchas gracias y (2016-03-20, 18:07) chocco Wrote: When doing a direct comparison of SPMC vs Kodi 17 Alpha (of which the audio is unquestionably Koying's on both) I have a slight audio sync issue on SPMC that isn't present with Kodi. As I understood it, SPMC was a fork of Kodi pretty much for Koying's personal use for some extra features. If you check the code here you will see there was a version bump and updates done about 12 days ago, fingers crossed Team Kodi and Koying are working together on the main build, and then we can benefit from a specific build with SPMC.

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KODI, SPMC, FTMC Help & Support. Anything not related to builds, they have their own sections. kodi The most powerful additions IPTV inside STALLION TIGER MAX BUILD Available to users only. Spmc android app.

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SSemper MEdia Center (SPMC) es un fork para Kodi muy popular, el cual se encuentra disponible para las últimas versiones de esta plataforma. 09/07/2017 Le développement de Kodi pour Android semble au point mort depuis Décembre et il se pourrait que Kodi 17 ne voie pas le jour sous le système de Google. De son côté, Koying a repris le développement de son SPMC (pour Semper Media Center) et travaille à une nouvelle version sur les bases de ce qu’il développait pour Kodi. SPMC vs Kodi. Wie funktioniert SPMC vergleichen zu Kodi?