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I get LDAP authentication … Hello Sonicwall community! Is there any way to specify two servers in the LDAP configuration?

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NOTE: This is a personal preference and does not affect. The SonicWall establishes a TCP connection with the LDAP server on port 389 (or 636 if using TLS).

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Sonicwall LDAP Setup.

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NOTE: TCP 636 port needs to be opened /listening at Windows Server and also CA cert for  The error, Error: Bad LDAP server certificate - TLS fatal: unknown CA, is displayed in the LDAP configuration window when attempting to configure LDAP over  Uncheck the option Require valid certificate from server. Deselecting this default option will present an alert, but exchanges between the SonicWall and the LDAP  Introduction: SonicWall SSL-VPN appliances have the ability to use an LDAP capable server for authentication. Within the LDAP Domain configuration on the SSL-  GMS: Authentication Error: [LDAP: error code 49 - 8009030C: LdapErr: DSID-0C09043E, comment: Accept. 03/26/2020 1048 13078. DESCRIPTION: CAUSE: That is happening because the authentication method on the SonicWall is not yet configured to be able to retrieve users and groups informations from the  Login to SonicWall Command Line Interface (For instructions see: How to login to the (config-user-ldap)# bind name user_name locationorg_unit_with_user 7. SonicOS 6.5 is currently not able to handle NetBIOS names in the LDAP partitions under the Manage | Users | Settings causing the SonicWall to reboot. Integrating LDAP/Active Directory with Sonicwall UTM Appliance Video Tutorial: Click here for the video tutorial of this topic.

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89 / 3  8 Oct 2018 Integrating your Active Directory allows you to authenticate users, set up Single Sign On, & gives you greater visibility into traffic on your  Failed to resolve LDAP server name.

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Protocol (LDAP) and how to configure a SonicWALL appliance to use LDAP for user authentication. This document contains the following sections: • “LDAP Overview” on page 1 – “LDAP Directory Services Supported in SonicOS Enhanced” on page 2 • “Configuring LDAP integration in SonicOS Enhanced” on page 3 – “Before you begin This unit is currently under maintenance, please check back later. Username: Password: In the authentication method for login drop-down list, select LDAP + Local Users and Click Configure LDAP. If you are connected to your SonicWall appliance via HTTP rather than HTTPS, you will see a dialog box warning you of the sensitive nature of the information stored in directory services and offering to change your connection to HTTPS. Select LDAP (or LDAP + Local Users) as authentication method and click Configure LDAP. Click Add to add a new LDAP server.

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